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Passive income – Income you can get without actually working towards it

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  • Transfer your finance to providers with cheaper interest rates (including transfer costs) for loans and credit cards, and higher saving rates for saving accounts.
  • If you don’t have a loan offset account for your mortgage, set up one. Put all your savings there and deposit your salary into it.
  • One third of Australians are under claiming tax deductions. Talk to an Accountant to see whether you have any missed tax deductions.
  • Consider renting out your home/homes. Either as a holiday house or for short term accommodation. Renting out even one room can earn you around $100 to $150 a week, which is up to $5000 to $7500 a year. In some areas you can rent out a garage or parking spot and receive a sizable income too. Be aware of Council, Strata, and other laws when doing so.
  • See whether you can offer business advertisements on your car. Search on the internet to see which companies offer these services. The registration should be 100% free. If not, stay away from them.

Work part-time in your spare time:

Even just few hours of your spare time can significantly boost income!

  • Look for a second part-time job that fits your schedule.
  • Are you experienced enough in your field? Coach and tutor. Teach others the same skills.
  • Think about using your car and becoming an Uber driver.
  • Consider creating an online business. Do you have a hobby making crafts? Make them and sell them from home or at a local market. Your hobby can be enjoyable and profitable.
  • Contact a market research company or join a focus group and get paid.

One last thought!

  • Consider changing jobs. It can be a good way to steadily increase income. I’ve changed jobs 6 times in the last 12 years. Each time I secured a pay rise of more than$10,000. This continuity of change has increased my skills and strengthened my resume. As your skills and experience progress you can ask for a pay rise.
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