Tax and Accounting Services

As a CPA Public Practice, we use experience and knowledge to help minimise your costs and maximise the refund you are entitled to.

Our services include, Individual tax return, Sole trader tax return, Company / Trust tax return, BAS returns, Fringe benefit taxes, Capital gains taxes, Tax advises and Book keeping.


Tax and Financial Diagnostic Services

At Impact Taxation and Financial Services we understand how hard it is for a business to compete in the current economic market, and also for families to make their ends met. We understand that most small businesses and individuals miss critical opportunities to save money. This can be due to internal mistakes or a lack of understanding of Australian taxation and other regulations.Sometimes when you find out, it is already too late.

We will provide a free 30 minutes consultation with you and let you know where you can save money and how. We can work in partnership with you and be at your side every step. Just as if you have hired a seasoned Financial Controller!


Business Registration

Do you want to start your own business but don’t know where to start? We can help you from the very beginning so that you can understand different business structures. Once you decide on a business structure, we can help you to register an ABN or ACN number, register GST and also help you to start and organise your accounting books. With our help, you will find the process smooth, efficient and headache free.


Property Depreciation & Valuation

By connecting to our long-term business partners in the industry, we are able to provide property tax depreciation services for both residential and commercial properties. The tax depreciation reports are prepared with lifetime guarantees. All inspections are carried out by qualified surveyors. Our business partners also offers tax-related property valuation services.


Excel Support and Training

How often do you use Excel? Did you know that professional Excel formats can reduce your data processing time by up to 90% and provide the best analysis of your business performance?

A well-designed Excel file can efficiently help you to track down sales trend over a year. Excel can help you to budget expenses and forecast cash flow. It can also easily convert data into charts so that you can see how your business is performing at a glance.

We can help you either set up a brand new file. Or optimise an existing file by setting up new links, formulas and macros to help it to run faster and simpler.

Also available are customised classes where you can build these skills yourself. Contact us about the schedules of classes.